Should I buy a laptop or tablet?

I want to get a new computer device, but I am unable to decide between a laptop and tablet. I suppose a laptop is quite similar to using a desktop because of the keyboard and a tablet is different because of it being touch screen. What I don't want to do is regret my decision after spending the money, so some input on both devices would be great, after which I can decide which device to buy.

Well it really depends on what you will be using the device for. If its just browsing playing games and social networking then a tab is fine, but if you plan to do more like official work, using Microsoft Office ten I think a laptop is better. It also would depend on how easy you are able to use a tablet as compared to a laptop. Have a try at a tablet before purchasing it.
It depends on what you plan to do on the device, if its just browsing sending quick emails, playing games, messaging then a tablet is fine, if there is more constructive work involved then I would suggest you go for a laptop. It would also depend on where you would be using the device, if your going to be travelling a lot of be on the move then a tablet is suitable and if your going to be using the device in one place then a laptop.


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Shahaaz is right the decision would really depend on what you intend to use the device for. If you good at typing when using a touch screen phone then you can easily go for a tablet. If you find it difficult typing on a touch screen then go for a laptop, I find this is the simplest way to decide. If no typing in involved or you wont need to play any disks then got for a tablet.
If you know that you will need to do some kind of work on the device then go for a laptop but if you know you wont need to do any kind of work then choose the tablet.
If a person can use a touch screen phone they can use a tablet too, most people get their work done on their phones so why not a tablet. Its not that difficult to use as it may seem, it just take a bit of time getting used to.
I think you should go for a laptop, its easy to say that you wont need a disk drive, but when you will need it you will think that getting a laptop is the best option. If your not going to carry around the device then a laptop is fine. These days laptops are quite light too so carrying that around would not be a problem either.


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There are laptops these days which come with a detachable keayboard so it could also be used as a tablet.


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Some laptops have a revolving keyboard that can be folded towards the back of the screen making it a tablet but these things do come with a price.


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I am pretty sure you would be able to find both kinds of laptops, with and without the optical drive. If not then there is always an option to buy an external optical drive.
I use a notebook that does not have an optical drive and honestly speaking I have never felt the need as I have one in my desktop computer.
Both devices are equally good, I think you should have a try at using both of the devices and get which ever one you prefer using and feel comfortable with.
I had the same problem in choosing which one to buy, I ended up purchasing a tablet because I knew that I would not be doing any major work on it and it was just for social networking sites, checking emails and browsing. Any major work I need to do I do on my desktop.
I think if I had to do more work or needed a disk drive on the device then I would have chosen a laptop.
Both devices are good it depends on how easy you find using each one of them and the kind of work you would be doing. It would also depend on the size of the tablet. I would suggest you use both the devices and then make your decision. Also consider the fact that a tablet will not have a CD drive.
Thanks for all your help guys, I tried a tablet and yes I did find it difficult to use, so I have borrowed a cousins tablet and using it for about a week to actually know whether I should opt for it or not.
I recently brought a tablet and it is very convenient to use, it does take some time to get used to it, but on the whole I think it is worth the money spent as it is easy to use and easy to carry around with you. I must add that getting a good brand is important.
When choosing between a laptop and tablet it purely depends on what you would be using the device for, if you do more of the typing work then you should go for a laptop, if not then a tablet is fine when it comes to just browsing, checking emails etc.
Tablets are purely for gaming and browsing purposes and they serve the purpose too, if you would be doing any kind of other work then I strongly recommend you buy a laptop or notebook.