Should I use my mobile phone for Skype Calling?


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I was thinking of using my mobile phone for Skype calling, but one of my friends stopped me from doing this, he said that it ruins the phone and decreases the mobile phone life. I some how don't agree with him, as I see a lot of people using Skype on their mobile phones and they don't get any problems. I would like to get some advise form forum members whether I should use Skype on my mobile phone or not?

Using Skype on your phone wont cause any problems or damage to your phone, just get a good branded phone which has a battery that lasts long.
Yes you can use your mobile phone for Skype calling, it wont cause problems to your phone at all. Who ever may have said that using Skype on your mobile phone is not a good idea and it ruins the phone is wrong.
Majority of people use their phone for Skype, and some even use it on a regular basis like every day. There will be no harm done to your phone and it would also be more convenient.


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Mobile phones these days are designed for VOIP calling, so you can rest assure that it using Skype or other such services would ruin your phone.