Slow Speeds on Nayatel Broadband

I am getting very slow speeds from Nayatel broadband, the speed is very slow that at times loading a webpage takes forever. I have taken out the cables and re connected them in the hope it may make the speed better but no luck unfortunately. I think calling Nayatel customer care will the last resort but if there is anything else that I can try please suggest.

This is kind of a common problem with Nayatel these days, a friend of mine was getting the same problem, he called Nayatel which was he last resort and they managed to do something from the back end. After that he got the same slow speed problems and again had to call Nayate customer care, but I think of recent there are no such problems.
The best thing to always do is call up the customer care team and ask them to get the lineman to check your connection. This is the best solution to the problem, as you would know that whether the issue is with your line or not. You can also keep a regular tab on your connection throughout the day when the speed is slow and when it is normal so you will find out whether it is a peak or off peak time problem.