Smart tv channels list for evo users

These are the English movie channels that are available on Smart TV :

English Movies Channels
  • HBO
  • STAR Movies
  • HBO HiTS
  • Cinemax
  • Fox Crime
  • HBO Family
  • Diva Universal
  • Filmax
Out of these I normally watch HBO, Star movies and HBO hits. HBO hits has newer movies but they are not latest releases so dont be under the impression that a movie is released and it is shown on HBO hits the next day :) It does not work like that unfortunately. I would like it though.

Please check the complete list of Smart TV channels.
The Hollywood movies through English subtitles are available on cable. The channels of old or new Hollywood movies with English subtitles are available on smart tv?
I have a Tata sky connection and most channels have subtitles that can be turned on or off from the remote. I am not sure if PTCL smart TV has the same feature.


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I think subtitle settings are sometimes on the TV remote, so check if your TV remote. Some channels already have subtitles but not all, I am not sure about HBO but I think Star Movies has subtitles.


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On Tata Sky HBO is available and also HBO Hits channel both with subtitles but only in English not Urdu.