Solar Panel Water Heater Reviews


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Using solar panels has become quite popular and one of the best ways to use as a water heater or source of electricity when there is a power cut. I have not use solar panels before neither know of anyone who has, so I do not exactly know what all the pros and cons are of using the solar panels. I would also need some advise on how many watts would be required for water heater solar panels and the consumption of them.


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Solar water heaters do not use the solar panels that you would have seen on roof tops that are used to produce electricity. Solar water heaters heat up the water and at no stage is the su light converted to electricity as it would reduce the effeciency if we go that route. Producing electricity is still not cost effective as the grid power is way cheaper. It would make sense if you are going to use solar panels to charge your inverter battries and may be power a few appliances as well because cost of solar power set up has gone down considerably these days. It would make a lot of sense to invest in a solar power set up if you get long and frequent power cuts as the situation is not going to change any time soon from what I see.


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Long power cuts normally occur during the summer time, and during winters there are very few power cuts, and its only in winter time when we need hot water. Thanks for the advise Admin, will look into solar power set up, first will need to find out the entire cost of it all.
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