Sports , Especially Football channels


I am looking for an option that provides me with the maximum sports, particularly Football, options. Is there any possible way to get Sky, or Al Jazeera sports channels in Pakistan?

Which DTH option is the best to get HD sports channels? Cost is of no issue. Just need options.

Any address or phone number for a good and reliable retailer who can install DTH?

Much Appreciated.


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By Sky if you mean the British company Sky digital then no Sky DTH cannot be installed in Pakistan as their satellite's position does not cover Pakistan unfortunately. Tata Sky, the Indian version of Sky can be installed in Pakistan but they do not have dedicated football channels if that is what you are looking for.

These are the sports channels available on Tata sky :
Star sports 1
Star sports 2
Star sports 3
Star sports 4
Sony Six
Ten Sports
Ten Cricket
Ten action

Some of the above listed channels are available in HD too. The football worldcup was available live on Sony Six if that interests you atall.

I hope my reply is of some use to you.
I am in Pakistan for studies and my family is in UK. I have a sling box installed back home and it streams all the channels from Sky and I watch them here in Pakistan without having to install a dish. You do need someone at the other end to host your sling box and need a good amount of bandwidth at both ends else the picture quality will suffer. I have a 8mbps PTCL connection here at Lahore and in UK the upload speed is 8mbps (download speed is much higher but it does not matter with a sling box)

Do let me know if you need more info on this. You can watch English premier league this way :)
There are no sports channels which are dedicated to football you will find cricket channels but not football. Tata Sky and Dish TV have a variety of sports channels to choose from which showcase football matches.
When it comes to sports I think the best picture quality is also required and I say this because I am also a big sports fan, so I would recommend Tata Sky.
Thanks for the advice guys. Any one have a contact where I can get a Tata Sky DTH installed? I am thinking about an HD decoder. Preferably, outside Hall Road.
I live in Lahore Cantt and mine came from Hall road. That is where you would get the best price and also those guys are less likely to rip you off as they do lots of business and keep margins low.

Do not buy from any online source because you might loose your money as these DTH services are not allowed in Pakistan. When you buy from a shop they would send someone over to set it up aswell.

Just in case if you didint know that Tata sky has 7.1 surround sound on HD channels and I would highly recommend setting up a decent 7.1 system with the HD box. When there is a goal you feel it happening right there in your room ;) Also the movies are a lot more fun with good bass.