TES 20 Mbps FTTH Internet

Has anyone heard of TES service provider? They have FTTH (fiber to the home) connections which provide a 20mbps speed connection for a cost of Rs3000 per month. From what I know the TES FTTH service is only available in a few areas of DHA Phase 6 of Karachi and at some retail outlets.

If you do get 20mbps speed then it is not bad, but I don't want to be getting into something which I dont know about or haven't heard any reviews for.

TES is not a service provider which I have heard of as well, it maybe because they only provide services in Karachi. I would recommend that you ask the retail services which are using this service.
This is my communication with TES:

"End consumers serviced only in Defence Phase 6...packages are mainly for SME and Corporate users.

$ based billing and contention based solution. Minimum package available is 2 Mbps (1Mbps CIR and 1Mbps shared) in monthly $250 (approx.) "
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