Torrent downloading on WorldCall connection

I require a new broadband connection and would be downloading a lot using torrents. A connection which I have in mind is WorldCall broadband. What I would like to know is what kind of speed does WorldCall broadband provide and whats it like downloading torrents, is speed stable or does it throttle?


Staff member
It really depends on what Worldcall broadband plan you get from Worldcall. I believe you should expect atleast 80% of the advertised speeds on an average day. There may be fluctuations depending on how many other people are trying to use the same pipe at any given time.
If cost is not an issue then you should go for WorldCall broadband, you do get 1mbps speed as advertised, and being a wired connection its quite stable. But if your looking for better speed for a lower cost I would strongly suggest you choose another service provider which will provide more speed for a reasonable cost.
If you don't mind waiting for torrents to take their time being downloaded then you can go for WorldCall, but if you want them to be downloaded faster then I go for another ISP.