TP-link wr740N Problems with ptcl dsl modem

i m having problem with my internet. i m using tp-link wr740n modem with ptcl dsl modem
when i connect directly from ptcl dsl it works but when i use tplink along with ptcl dsl modem sometime it works\
and somtime dont work. in tplink wan setting there is an option to detect ip automatically when it detect it as dynamic ip it works
and mostly it detect it as static ip and it does not work.ptcl operator said that ptcl provide dynamic ip.
so plz tell me the solution or where is the problem in my tplink or ptcl modem or in my pc?


New Member
The problem is most probably with your TP Link router, Unfortunately I do not know how to resolve this issue, but I am sure other members on the forum would provide the correct advise.