UFone 3G Internet

Ufone has got a 3G license, and recently they offered a 3G trial. They have now officially launched 3G across Pakistan. UFone are offering postpaid and prepaid 3G packages. The packages start from Rs5 which is data for half a day for a speed of 256kbps, the highest package is for Rs1500 which is data for a month for a speed of 3mbps. The UFone 3G service is available in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi.



Staff member
You forgot to add select areas in these cities. They dont have 3G all across the cities you have mentioned. It would be great to have seamless 3G connectivity throughout Pakistan but these companies will probabbly only stick to densely populated areas in the forseable future unless the government comes up with some rules and regulations about providing 3g service in remote areas as well.