Ufone Video Messaging Service

Ufone have launched a new service of Video SMS which is also known as video messaging. This service will allow Ufone users to send and receive video sms's, which is easily done with a 3G connection and a video call mobile phone.
Video messages are sent by the same method of making video calls. In order for the Ufone user to send a video message they have to dial 44 then they would be directed to the video portal where they can record their video message. Charges for the video message is Rs1 + tax per minute.
If the person who the Ufone user will send a video message to does not have a video enabled phone then a link will be sent to them were they would be able to view the video message.
This video message service is available for both prepaid and postpaid users.

I wonder why someone would bother using this service when it is very easy and straight forward to send a video message using whatsapp and many other applications that most people have on their mobile phones these days. Re1 per min? Why not use 3G data and send it that way or even better use your home or office broadband connection's wifi network to send one.

I am not sure if there would be any takers for this service and those few who might use it to see what it is like either dont know this can be done using other messaging application for cheaper price or they just want to check what it is like thats all.
A totally pointless service I think. This video message service is basically the same as what you can do on WhatsApp so what pay extra for this? Thinking otherwise I think users who dont use WhatsApp this service is god for them.
I wonder how much UFone would be charging for this video message service, because if it works out to be expensive I doubt that it would be a success with all the other services like WhatsApp, Tango etc.