UPS for desktop computer

mery paas inverter hy likgen mujhy computer ke liye ups chahiye kion ke loadshedding ki waja se mera computer reboot ho jata hy. mujhy aisa ups chahiye jo mujhy 5 to 10 minutes ka back up time provide kery. mein ye maloom kerna chahta hoon ke jab bhi loadshedding hogi mujhy apna inverter on kerna pary ga? wo ups jo auto restart ho jaye us ka kiya advantage hoga?


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Hasan bhai,

You should not use a UPS behind an inverter first of all. Your inverter just needs a few parts replaced that would make the battery power kick in a lot quicker then it does now or change your computer's power supply unit that is tolerant of such breaks.

Please get a Sinewave inverter and your PC restarting problem should be history but make sure you test it first to make sure it is your inverter that causes this and not the power supply unit of your PC. Buying a UPS in addition to the inverter that you already have is not a good idea.
Thx for providing this useful information but there is a question in my mind. Why buying UPS in addition to the inverter which i have is not a good idea? UPS is expensive than inverter? Sinewave inverter is also expensive?
it is difficult to tell that which one is expensive and it is also diffficult to tell the price but why do you think that buying UPS in addition to inverter is not the good idea? the back up time depends on UPS or battery? which UPS or battery i should purchase if i need the back up time of 3 or 4 hours?
I don't use a UPS at all for my computer, it works well for a good 1 hour when there is a power cut. My advise to you would be to get more batteries for your inverter. How often do you get power cuts and how long for?