Using VOIP (Voice Over IP ) VPN (Virtual Private Network) ??

Hello All ,

I am new to this forum. I want to know will i able to us VPN connection or VOIP service on PTCL Service. I have listened that its not allowed and ISPs in pakistan or PTA can block that I.P that is communicating with VPN VOIP . Although i have used Browsec VPN those days when youtube was blocked in Pakistan , and it worked .
If some one has any info kindly share .



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Connections with a VPN are normally end to end encrypted and there is no way to find out what you are doing using that VPN. I would be very surprised if PTCL guys are trying to sniff out VPN connections to see what people are doing.

I use VOIP all the time and I have never had a problem, just use a good one.
Thanks for your response i am using Magic Jack Go , in Canada . This device is using US number to call unlimited any where in Canada US. This device can work in Pakistan . That i already know now , if this device is being used 8 to 10 hr in a day for inbound calls thats are coming from US Canada . Will PTA PTCL Connect all ISPs can trace the I.P that is using VOIP traffic and block the extensive usage of this device??

For VPN , i am using FortiClient . VPN server is in US , giving me virtual I.P as i am remote client in Canada . I connect by entering my credentials . VPN communication 8 to 10 hr same as VOIP , will ISP have an issue ?