Using Wateen USB across Pakistan

I am going to be travelling across Pakistan to different location with some friends, and I need to have access to the internet on my laptop. I have a Wateen USB connection and it would be great to use that when I travel, but I need to make sure that Wateen has coverage all across Pakistan, so that I don't have connectivity issues.

I need help from forum member living in difference parts of Pakistan or even just Wateen users to how the coverage of Wateen is across Pakistan.


Staff member
Wateen does not cover the whole country. In my opinion you would be dong a lot better with something like a PTCL evo. Try having a look at their offiial websites to make sure they have coverage at places you would be visiting.
I do a lot of travelling and its best to use PTCL EVO especially when going to different parts of Pakistan. PTCL has a wider coverage area and you are bound to get signal where ever you go. With a Wateen USB connection you will not always get the best coverage and speed apart from areas where there is Wateen broadband coverage.