Warid Mobile Paisa Service


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Warid will be launching their own mobile financial services which will be named Mobile Paisa. Warid previously had a soft launch of the service, but it is now ready to be commercially launched. The launch will take place some times this week, there is not fixed date so its a matter or just waiting and keeping an eye out for the service to be launched.

Bank Alfalah has partnered with Warid to launch this service in Pakistan.

The Mobile Paisa service by Warid will provide services like money transfer, payments of utility bills and other services.

This is highly beneficial for those who need a trusted name to make payments, and Waird as we all know is a reputed company along with Bank Alfalah.

I am glad that a reputed company and bank have come together to provide such a service, previously when I have made bill payments, I have had a lot of problems. I am hoping that Warid Mobile Paisa will be a good service.
The only aspect which I want is fast service, the worst thing is having a payment lurking. The payment should be instant to the company on the other end.