Warid SMS Roaming Service

Warid has recently launched a SMS roaming service, this service would allow Warid users to send and also receive SMS while they traveling abroad. The SMS's sent or received are the same way that they would be received in Pakistan.
In order to activate the SMS roaming service users need to send an 'IRSMS ON' to 129
Postpaid Warid users who have a limit of Rs2000 don't need to do anything
Rs2000 of deposit is required
Each time the service is activated there will be a Rs100 charge.

Can not blame Warid for trying to promote their services, but there is no use of this service when you can get a local sim card and use applications like Skype or WhatsApp which work out to be cheaper.
Yes a getting a local sim card would work out cheaper and also most places abroad have WiFi services anyway so it is easy getting access to the internet.
There is so much of spam SMS that your money would be wasted on just receiving rubbish, and to be honest no one really sends an sms when you go abroad, it is either email contact or using applications like WhatsApp.