Warid's Wireless USB Broadband

I saw an advertisement from Warid stating that they have their wireless broadband USB connection, which gives a GPRS and Edge connection. The cost however seemed a bit high, the price was quoted as Rs11000 which includes the modem and sim.
I have not looked much into USB wireless connections so don't know much about the cost, but the Warid connection does seem a bit over priced. Is this cost normal for a wireless USB connection?

A few months back I saw the same price for Warid USB Connection, so what you have seen is correct, and yes Rs11000 is costly for a connection. Have you tried PTCL I think its cheaper than Warid?
Thanks for the suggestion ShiekhAslam bhai. Yes PTCL is cheaper than Warid but a few people who live near by have had a few problems with the connection which is why it was not into consideration. However sometimes problems get resolved so will look into this again and also there are a lot of service providers like Mobilink who now have 3G services.