Wateen 4Mb connection

I am currently using a PTCL 4Mb connection which is a total disaster, so I am thinking of changing to Wateen broadband 4Mb connection, but it would be good to get some reviews about the connection first.
Previously I have used a Wateen wireless connection which was good, but this time I thinking of getting the wired connection.
Please post your reviews.

Wateen is supposed to be the next best service after PTCL, a friend of mine uses their wired service and he says it is good. Apart from the cost being a bit high for the 4Mb connection the service provider is good.
Wateen is a good service provider, but not available widely across Pakistan. Generally Wateen speeds are given to what has been mentioned, so it is worth going for the connection.
I would say that if you have Wateen broadband in your area then go for it, it is an excellent connection and they always give the speed mentioned.