Wateen Bolt USB with Wifi Router

I want to use Wateen Bolt USB Pocket Modem with Wifi Router Please Suggest its Supported Routers with Model Name & Company

Thank You


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Wateen Bolt USB modem would most probably work with all routers as long as it has a USB port. What is your budget for a WiFi router?
2,500 is my Budget but The problem is it work? because i have doubt on it and also its look like 4G not 3G
if i will buy any router and it will not run then shopkeeper will not return it


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Could you please tell me what is the make and model number of your modem? Wateen is just the sticker on that modem as it must have the manufacturer's stamp on it some where telling what the brand name and model number is. If you post that then it would be easier to suggest a router that would support your modem.


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All routers mention which technology it is compatible with. So whatever you go and see in the shop make sure you read whats on the box.


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Details about the device is mentioned in a booklet or leaflet with the box. If still you are not able to find out the information you can take the device with you to a compter shop where they would suggest a suitable router.
@KShah Shopkeeper Said we didn't give you guaranty it works or not call on Wateen Help line then I call help line but they never have information on this :/ & they Suggest that Go to the market and "try" on latest 3G & 4G router. I can't try because Routers are Sealed Pack :|


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Please let me know what routers you have short listed and I can try finding if your usb modem is supported or not before you buy it. This information is normally available on router manufacturer's official websites on the product pages.