Wateen Broadband is closing down its services


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If its to be heard correct Wateen broadband is closing its services and the customers are being migrated to PTCL. What I am confused about is that apparently this only applies for the Wateen customers in my area. What I am concerned about is that I have not heard good reviews for PTCL broadband in my area and I don't a great deal of broadband services in my area. So I thought maybe the PTCL EVO connection would be good, please suggest.

Seriously whats happening? I would have thought that there would be more ISP's in Pakistan in the future and not less. This doesn't look like a positive look for the future of broadband in Pakistan.
I personally didn't like Wateen service when I had their connection. Hopefully for those who have Wateen currently will get a better service now. ISP's closing down has become quite common now!
For those who are with Wateen I would recommend you to find out all details from Wateen and also PTCL, of what is happening with existing customers and get things clarified, as most of the time customers get left in the dark.


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That's quite weird, it shouldn't happen to Wateen customers in a certain area, if this was the case it would apply to all Wateen customers across Pakistan. You should call Wateen customer service and make sure that this information is true and if it is true then get all the correct information.
This is news, didn't think a service provider like Wateen would close down, I thought this was a very popular service provider and also knew many people who had a Wateen connection. Seems like in a couple of years PTCL would take over near enough most of the other ISP's in Pakistan.