Wateen Broadband Reviews

Wateen broadband as been stated to be the best and reliable broadband provider in Pakistan, but when it comes to choosing an ISP I prefer to get reviews from users that way I know whats true and whats not. The tariffs provided by Wateen are good no doubt, but the service of the broadband as a whole is unknown and therefore I would like to get some reviews from Wateen broadband users to what their broadband service is like and if there are any problems with their service.


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Broadband service is something that depends a lot on local factors like how many people are using the network at the same time or quality of cables and in case of wireless the strength of signals and stuff like that. Saying Wateen broadband is good or bad for the entire country would not be true. Some one in Karachi may have a bad experience at 8PM but the network may be working fine in Islamabad for example.

The best thing to do would be to ask people who live around you and see what they use and why. If a particular ISP is working well for a few people then there is no reason why it wont for you.

I hope this helps.
I am uisng Wateen Broadband in Lahore DHA and trust me its not worth it , they throttle the connection and downloads and streaming can be a pain because of the lag, im using a 4mb connection and im stuck with it since there isnt any ptcl broadband in my area. So id suggest avoid using wateen , will save you the hassle.