Wateen Wimax closing its services

Anyone who is planning on getting a Wateen wimax connection, you need to start rethinking about getting another connection.
There was a message which was sent by Wimax from the number 365 which stated the following:

"Dear Customer, Wateen will withdraw services from your area w.e.f 30-Jun-15, you will be contacted for assistance/connectivity options. Call 111365111 for info"

I had called Wateen customer service and was informed that the wimax connection is being closed in most parts of the big cities, and customers with a wimax connection will be migrated to Warid with a special offer.
Wateen wimax was a good connection and I had no issues with it, which is a big shame that it is closing down. Currently no one has got back to me regarding the offers migrating to Warid, will wait another 2-3 days and then will call up to get an update.

I got a letter to shift to Qubee. I asked Qubee for a new connection and they sent a person to check the signal with their device.
They had -77 dbm signal and needed at least -72 to -75 dbm for an 1 mbps connection. Well the tech person said the signal shall deteriorate further when the site got loaded. Well looks like qubee is taking the conservative approach and not providing connections where their signal is not "perfect". This is a good approach for wireless networks. I asked about the outdoor device and the tech person said they stopped providing those but did have them before. He did not know the reason for not providing the outdoor devices. That is not a good approach for wireless networks. If you can have an outdoor device your wimax 10 Ghz signals shall be very awesome. I think you shall get at least a -20 dbm boost.

Anyway, my experience so far. Looking around for a DSL wire which is reliable. Can you suggest a DSL wire which is reliable. I am not worried about the speed. Just the reliability.

By the way, I am using a wateen thunderbolt with 2 out of 5 signal lights. Works ok at -80 dbm. Reliability is like 99.8%+

Khawar Nehal


Staff member
@Khawar Nehal If PTCL telephone exchange is less then 4KM from your place (Or the local box connected with optic fiber) then have a look at their plans and see if they have one that suits your needs. Warid provides wireless LTE connections which are as good as wired connections (that is if the technology is indeed LTE, I dont have first hand experience with Warid myself). Latency on LTE is pretty decent and is comparable to a wired connection.

The problem is we don't have many providers and choice hardly matters when there are just one or two broadband providers in the area. Cherry on the cake is the recent tax on internet services.


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No one is being migrated. Wateen is just giving you an idea or an offer whatever you want to call it. You will lose your wateen connection when they shut operations and you need to get a new connection.