What DTH services are available in Pakistan

Pakistan has a wide choice for DTH services now, and the two obvious services which are available in Pakistan are Dish TV and Tata Sky, but I was wondering whether there are other DTH services as well. Dish TV and Tata Sky seem to have high rated packages and their installation charges are quite high too, but what about any other DTH services. I have heard that there is Sun TV and Airtel Digital but I am not 100% sure if its available in Pakistan, can someone please clarify this and provide details.


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The shops that sell Dish tv and tata sky would also sell you sun tv and airtel digital dth. All the names you have listed are not Pakistani companies and nor do they have permissions to operate in Pakistan. The shops that sell these connections do so illegally to the best of my knowledge but I might be wrong if there has been a recent change. There are no DTH providers in Pakistan as the government has not allowed it yet. We do have plenty of cable service providers and also IPTV providers.
It would be a lot cheaper for you just to opt for PTCL smart tv and you dont have to pay extortionate prices that you would have to for Indian DTH connections.
All DTH services in Pakistan are Indian, and the DTH services which are available are Tata Sky, Dish TV, Sun TV, Airtel Digital and Videocon.