What power backup do you use?


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I have an inverter that has 6 battries and the inverter is 72 volts which a friend of mine sent me from USA. I have my fridge, TV's, computer, Kitchen chimney, all the lights and fans covered with this inverter and I get a back up of about three days with the fridge running 24/7 (Double door 420Lt) a few lights on and a couple of fans in summers. It has been 7 years and the batties are still going strong because they are tubular battries and the inverter is doing well too. The switch broke down and was replaced by a local switch and thats all. I have kepts the battries maintained and the set up is kept inside a small room in the basement so remains cool even in summers( that is one reason battries are still not dead).

I also have a diesel generator that is only used in summers for running two airconditioners and to recharge the battries in the inverter set up in case of a longer then usual power cut. For water in winters we have a two solar water heaters 200litres each set up in series to work as a single unit. Two solar water heaters are supposed to give better results as compared to one larger capacity one. I have no idea how true that is because I cannot compare.

What do you guys use at home and what would be your dream set up for power back?

If an inverter can run a fridge along with fans and lights then its good, especially during the summer times when there are a lot of power cuts. Roughly how much would an inverter like this cost?
Wow 7 batteries, then I suppose it does not make much difference when there is no light apart from the summer time when you can not use the air conditioning.
I have an inverter with one battery which runs lights and fans. It runs for a maximum of 6 hours which is sufficient as power cuts do not last more than 2 hours in my location.