What speeds does Zong Super 3G provide?

I know that Zong mobile now provides 3G and they have a 4G license but not sure whether 4G is available yet. My query is regarding Zong 3G, I have an idea about 3G speeds, but Zong has Super 3G, and I have heard that it is supposed to be faster than the normal 3G speed. What speeds does Zong Super 3G provide?

Zong super 3G provides speeds of up to 42Mbps, which is twice as fast as normal 3G speed. The technology used is HSPA+.


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That 42Mbps is just in theory, actual speed on the ground is a lot less and also the tariff structure is such that you cannot make much use of better speed. A step in the right direct but a small one I would say. Data limits need to be a little generous.


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Yes data limit does need to get better. Pakistan was waiting for 3G which it has got, and hopefully with time the packages and speeds will get better as well. Although this Zong Super 3G does sound a bit weird, as normally there is only 3G or 4G, and nothing else.