Which broadband connection to choose?


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I am getting a new broadband connection and can not decide which one to choose, and need some help from forum members in help me deciding. The choices which I have are PTCL broadband, Wateen and Qubee broadband.
My requirements are that minimum speed should be 1mbps and the monthly budget should not exceed Rs1500. I would the connection to stable and very few problems and customer service to be decent, so at least if there is any issues they would be helpful.

I am not too sure about Wateen but PTCL and Wateen are both good options. Currently there have been some problems with PTCL connections but I dont know how that is lately, but with Wateen their connections are supposed to be very stable and good.
All the broadband connections mentioned are good, and have plans which fit your requirements, it all depends on which would perform better in your location, also what your required data limit is.
It is best to find out what others around you are using to find out which company is doing well in your area. Same company may be providing excellent service in Lahore but may be doing very poorly at Karachi for instance due to too much load on their infrastructure. There is no definite answer to your question.