Wi Tribe Broadband Tariff Plans


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Wi Tribe broadband has three main plans that you could subscribe to which are post paid. Coverage is not must to talk about as they only cover the following cities for the moment :

  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Faisalabad
Even above cities are not fully covered by Wi Tribe so you might wanna give them a quick call to find out if the area you live in is covered or not or the best way to find out is just ask people who live around you and you would also get first hand information about how the connection performs in the area and the quality.

Below are the plans you can choose from :


You can check the Wi Tribe website for more details as there are fair usage policies applicable on these plans.


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This is whats written on their website for FUP so you might want to have a look into this to make sure you are happy with the restrictions to avoid surprises later. FUP is not unique to Wi Tribe as internet service providers around the world even in developed countries have some sort of FUP to make sure their network is not abused and other users to not experience slow speeds just because some one decides to go bonkers on torrents.

unlimited package policy: Parameters will change and speed will be reduced upon utilizing 30GB on 512Kbps and 1Mbps unlimited package & 40GB on 2Mbps unlimited package in any given month.
Family package policy: Parameters will change and speed will be reduced upon utilizing 40GB available in any given month.
Student package policy: Parameters will change and speed will be reduced upon utilizing 34GB available for use during student hours in any given month.


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Thanks for posting Wi Tribe broadband prices. You have mentioned that there is a fair usage policy for the 512kbps connection and the speed will be capped once you use up 30GB of data but there is no mention of what the reduced speed would be. I am not planning to download 30GB+ but I guess it would be easier for future visitors here to find out all info here at one place.
Once again you are doing a wonderful service to the country by helping the community with all the info they would ever need regarding broadband.


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I searched their website and even called Wi-tribe but the customer care people dont seem to have a clue and website does not mention anything about the speed. I would think it would be something like a 128kbps or somethign on those lines. If any one knows then please post here for the benefit of others.
I think these online offers are quite new. It is good that they have done this though, it is easier for users like us to compare and get good tariff plans. Do these offers apply for all the WiTribe devices?
I am a PTCL broadband user and currently using 2mb package but its worse then dialup. I want to switch it with wi tribe so if u guys help me and suggest me how is wi tribe network. I am thinking about taking 2mb witribe package.I need suggestion should I go for it or not