Windows 10 Download

I have got a new notification about Windows 10 update, I need to know more about this.

Is anyone using Windows 10 at the moment?

Is there anything different about it from the previous version?

Should I download Windows 10?

The the Windows 10 download free?

I upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday and I find it better then Windows 8 mainly due to the start button they have given back in Windows 10. System does not respond any quicker or slower if that is what you are wondering about.

I must add that this upgrade was the best ever because I did not have to configure anything atall as all the apps were reinstalled automatically and I got a fully functional system at the end of the upgrade. You would need to make sure your hardware is compatible before you attempt to upgrade.


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When you receive an alert for the Windows 10 update accept it. After some time around 2-3 weeks later you will receive a notification that your device is ready for the update. Simply follow the prompts after you have clicked on the notification.