Wired Broadband Connection in Rawalpindi


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I am looking for a wired broadband connection in Rawalpindi. I need a 2mbps connection, I dont know how many options I would have for my desired speed but first preference is 2mbps. My monthly budget is maximum Rs2000 and also please provide any offers with the connection if there are any.

There are quite a few options you can choose from for a 2mbps connection.

Qubee broadband, 2mbps speed for Rs1100
PTCL broadband, 2mbps speed for Rs1799
PTCL DSL connection, 4mbps speed for Rs1750
If you are up for a 5mbps then you can also go for Nayatel who are providing 5mbps for Rs1699
Qubee is supposed to be very good in the Rawalpindi area, it was being used by a friend of mine for many years without any problems, where as a lot of problems are heard about PTCL.