Worldcall Broadband Complaint


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I am a Worldcall broadband users and have been using it for around 2 years now. Recently my connection has gone a bit weird, it gets disconnected and then reconnects it self on and off, if it was a once in a while instance it would be ok, but it happens about 3-4 times in an hour and it does become a bit annoying. I called Worldcall and there is no reply from their end, any one else come across a similar problem? Please provide advise on how to resolve this problem.

Is it a cable or wireless connection?

If its a cable connection have you tried taking out the cables and re inserting them?
world call sucks big time, there cable internet speed is good and customer support is also good but the technical dept is worst then ptcl, if your cable has issues, they will just forget you and no one will bother to check it, customer service will tell you they will sort it out within 24 hours and then nothing will happen and you will get an sms that as per world call record your complaint is solved, they keep doing that, and finally you get fedup and close the connection, if your internet is down, just keep in mind no one will sort it out for weeks

Dont choose world call at all, you will regret!!

Nearly all service providers are like this, you need to keep phoning up to sort the problem out. It is all part of the game!