Worldcall broadband disconnection problem

I have had my Worldcall broadband connection for 2 years and so far its been an excellent service provider, apart from the last couple of days. At 8.45pm everyday my connection gets disconnected and only starts working in the morning at 7.45am. This is not something which has happened just once, but its a daily thing which is happening.
I have called Worldcall broadband customer care and nothing has been done on their behalf, its the same everytime, that the complaint has been forwarded to the relavant department.
I am paying the monthly tariff and never missed a payment or been late and this is what I get!

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You need to get rid of it anymore because today is february-27-2014 and still the problem not solved, first problem is load shading and another is signal which will be disconnected many times for a hour so as a result of 1 hour no electricity also 1 hour no signal is totally useless to use world call, so i decided to not pay bill anymore, i suggest you for Evo 3G.