WorldCall Broadband in DHA Lahore

I currently live in Lahore in the DHA area and a few years ago used to have a World Call broadband connection, but I had disconnected using this connection because of the bad customer service and problems in the connection. Since the time of disconnection I have tried two to three different broadband connection none of which provide good speed or service, so I have been thinking of going back to WorldCall in the hope that the service would be better because of the management change.

I would like some advise from people living in the DHA area to know what WorldCall broadband is like in the area. What the speed is like, customer service and are there any problems with the connection.


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My brother is using WorldCall in DHA Lahore, and he has had his connection for 3 years now with no problems with customer service. He faced a connection problem few months ago for which he made a complaint, and the problem was sorted out by WorldCall within a few days.
I dont know about the specific speed in the DHA area, but the customer service is the same for all customers in Pakistan. From what I know about WorldCall customer service they are good and generally resolve issues quickly.