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Latest news regarding You Tube is that there will be a separate version of it, which will be for Pakistan and it will a different website but it will be by You Tube. So basically its going to be a localised version of You Tube as, and this site will allow Pakistan to block blasphemous videos.

I dont see what the point is, give it some time and there will be content on the localised version which wont be suitable according to laws.
What next hey! Soon every site which is banned will have its localised version! So much for gaining knowledge and knowing about the rest of the world.
I kind of understand where the Pakistan government are coming from, but how much can they control, if its not You Tube it will be something else.


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The government of Pakistan thinks that we people are not good enough to know what is good for us and what is not. Moral policing is not what the governments are meant to do. Pakistan government is not able to maintain law and order which in my opinion is the most important task of any government and thats exactly where they fail and they want to impose stupid restrictions on innocent citizens by preventing them from viewing the content the rest of the world is watching.

Shame on you government of Pakistan. I hope some fresh blood comes into politics and gets rid of the old farts that have been imposing their will on us lot for decades now.
Even if this new Pakistan oriented YouTube website will start I am sure users will find other ways to view the normal YouTube videos, there is so many videos on YouTube which are worth watching but its probably because of these videos that YouTube would be banned, although these videos show nothing against Pakistan.
I dont think it has officially been launched yet. I dont see why there should be a seperate YouTube, as things which Pakistan government does not approve can be accessed through other mediums.


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Youtube is run by user generated content and to make sure that only those things are uploaded that the government of Pakistan approves is just impossible. This will not happen.