Zong 3G Tariff Plans

We all now that Zong 3G has been launched and it is also the first telecom operator in Pakistan to get the 4G license. Zong 2G was good as it was the only best internet service available but now there is 3G, so here is a look at the tariff plans from Zong.

Package Name Data Volume Price Validity How to Activate
Daily Mini 4MB Rs. 4 1 DaySMS mini to 6464
Daily Basic 30MB Rs. 10 1 DaySMS db to 6464
Daily Premium 80MB Rs. 20 1 DaySMS dp to 6464
Weekly Premium 280MB Rs. 70 7 DaysSMS weekly to 6464
Monthly Mini 150MB Rs. 50 30 DaysSMS m150MB to 6464
Monthly Basic 500MB Rs. 150 30 DaysSMS m500MB to 6464
Monthly Premium 1GB Rs. 250 30 DaysSMS m1GB to 6464
Monthly Premium 2GB Rs. 350 30 DaysSMS m2GB to 6464
Monthly Premium 4GB Rs. 650 30 DaysSMS m4GB to 6464

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The prices seem ok, the only way we can actually compare whether they are expensive or not is when other service providers come out with their 3G service tariff plans.
If the connection and speed is good enough its good to consider this connection for tethering and using it for all your devices.
1GB for Rs250 is a lot of money. Most people only need about 1GB in a month on their phone because all we normally do is use messengers, read news and read emails etc and none of them uses too much data. At least 1GB plan should be prices reasonably.