Zong 3g Wingle Tarrif Plans

As we all know that Zong has their own wingle which can be used for their 3G connection. The plans with the wingle are different from the plans which come with purely the sim card which most use in their mobile phones. Cost of the wingle alone is Rs1000 which has to be paid if you want to use with a 3G connection.
So here is a look at the Zong 3G wingle plans.

Plans are written as the amount of usage with the cost then the validity.

Monthly Plans

Monthly 24GB* - Rs. 1,500 - 1 Month
Monthly 50GB - Rs. 2,000 - 1 Month
Monthly 100GB - Rs. 3,800 - 1 Month
Monthly 150GB - Rs. 5,000 - 1 Month
Monthly 200GB - Rs. 6,000 - 1 Month

* plan can only be only be availed after the second recharge.

3 Month Plan

24GB/Month - Rs. 4,000 - 3 Months