Zong free mobile Internet

Internet is growing by the day in Pakistan, and service providers are out with some new to bring in more customers and Zong is also one of them. Zong will be providing users with free internet usage for a duration of 3 days. The 3 day free internet trial will provide users with 30MB of data per day for consecutive 3 days, and users would need to subscribe for this offer. Once the 3 day period is over on the 4th day users will be charged Rs10 per day. Users can not renew the offer until another 90 days.
Depending on location users would get 3G speed otherwise 2G.

I love it when service providers do this, and I think it should be done by all service providers, so that users can see what the service is like.
Such free periods dont last forever it is mostly likely that this free mobile internet will be available for more than 6 months.